So, as you can probably see, I’m playing around with the site at the minute and trying to get it updated to my liking. I’ll probably be playing around with it even more in the near future as well, so if it seems to change every time you land here, thats why.

Also, you will see an About Me page has been added as well. This will get updated as needed, but for now it lays out my plan of attack for the near future. Now that its out there I kind of have to stick to the timeframes I’ve laid out, so its acting as something of a motivator.

Lastly, I’ve changed the title of one of the two books I’m hoping to have out by May (see the About Me page for more info). The first one, Horror in the Woods, stays the same and is in the editing phase at the minute. The book that was called Bishops Hill has been renamed The Demonic, which I’m hoping is a catchier title. I’m getting ready to knock out a second draft for that one in the next few weeks.

And thats about it for now. Just wanted to post an update for whoever is reading. (Anyone? Anyone at all? Helloooooo?)

– Lee