TormentedI know things have been quiet on this blog recently, but that’s only because I’ve been so busy with a variety of things. However, they are all taking shape now, so I thought it was a good time for an update.

First of all my next book, Tormented, has just gone off to the editor! It was booked in for the beginning of February but I wrapped the manuscript up early and sent it off. When it comes back I will make any required changes, and then send it off for another proofread. After that, it will be ready for release, and I’m hoping it will be out by the end of February. If you thought Horror in the Woods was gory, wait until you read this – it definitely cranks things up a few notches. One for the gore-hounds, but not those with a weak stomach.

Then there is the audiobook of The Demonic. The recording is now complete (thanks to Han Hills, my producer) and is now just going through the editing process. It will then come over to me for a review and any changes can be made if needed, then it will be out! I can’t tell you how excited I am for you all to hear this. I’ve heard a few snippets¬†already, and it is going to be AMAZING! It isn’t just a horror audiobook, it is a horror experience. The things Han and his team have done with the voices of the ghosts are phenomenal. There will be some free codes for people willing to leave an honest review, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement when it is ready for release.

My website is also about to go through an overhaul, and the revamped version will hopefully be live in a few weeks. It will look a lot more professional, but will still have this blog for those that read it.

Next, I’m starting work on my fourth novel, throwing ideas around and plotting it out. As yet it is untitled, but it will be more of a creepy, supernatural horror than the gore-fests of Horror in the Woods and Tormented. I have a few ideas that gel together quite nicely, so things are coming along on that front.

And on top of all that, I have a 100-word short story (drabble) in an upcoming anthology with some other fantastic authors. When it is ready for release I will be sure to share the hell out of it to keep everyone updated. I’d never tried my hand at drabbles before (basically micro-stories of exactly 100 words) but it was pretty challenging. And the anthology should be a lot of fun.

So, lots going on and plenty in the pipeline. Trying to get this year kicked off with a bang and push on from there. So far, so good.

– Lee