So, after the release of my first book, Horror in the Woods (are you tired of hearing about that yet?), I just wanted to say I’m hard at work on my next one – The Demonic.

Where as HitW was more Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Demonic will be along the lines of The Conjuring and Insidious and that kind of thing. It’s a haunted house story, but based on something that actually happened in my home town many years ago. So I’m hoping that puts an interesting spin on things.

And while there will be violence and gore (obviously), I’m aiming to unsettle the reader with its creepy atmosphere and provide more scares this time around.

Also, for those that have read both HitW and my Free Story, The Hobbes Hall Diaries, you may have picked up that they share the same universe. I’m going to continue this with The Demonic, as well as my third novel (at least). Hopefully, I can create something Lovecrafitan that connects most of my books, but still allows me to tell individual stories.

That’s the plan for now, anyway. With a good wind, I’m hoping to get The Demonic out in July.