Demonic Number OneAs of the 21st of July (yesterday, at the time of writing), The Demonic has been out for one whole year. A few months ago I posted a recap of how Horror in the Woods performed over the course of its first year, so I thought I would do the same here. I’m not going to do this with every book, and will probably stop with this one, but given Horror in the Woods and The Demonic were the two books released in my first year of doing this, I thought it was a good bookend to do a follow-up with The Demonic.

So, in the twelve months since its release, The Demonic has performed thusly:

  • Sold over 6,700 ebooks.
  • Had over 2.3 million page reads in Kindle Unlimited.
  • Sold 358 paperbacks.
  • Sold 956 audiobooks.

It has 90 reviews on Amazon and sits at a 3.6 average out of 5. Some of the reviews have been fantastic, but am aware that certain aspects of the story (such as the ending) have split the audience.

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with how The Demonic has performed in its first year, and it has been far and away my best performing book, hitting the top of a few best-seller charts on Amazon. So, if you haven’t tried The Demonic as yet, and enjoyed films such as The Conjuring, then be sure to check it out:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And just a couple of other updates:

The audiobook version of Tormented is all done, and we are just waiting on it passing the final checks with ACX. Once that is done, it will be out for everyone to buy. And I can also request the free codes, for everyone that wanted a review copy. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

And lastly, progress on my next novel – The Mark – is going well. I’ll have the first draft finished soon, then after a few weeks of revisions, ti will go off to the editor. It’s looking to be about 70,000 words or so long, and I’m hoping for a release the end of September or the beginning of October.

And that’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well, and hopefully, I can get some new horror out there soon.

– Lee