So, it isn’t too much of a spoiler to say that I took a little real-life inspiration for my new book, The Demonic. In fact, I’ve blogged about it before.

In the town where I grew up (a little place in the North East of England called Ferryhill), a gruesome set of murders took place. These murders are still the thing of legend in the town today. It involved a young farm hand, Andrew Mills, killing the three children of his master (John Brass, owner of Brass farm). And, well, he didn’t just kill them – he went crazy with an axe! And, he said, the Devil himself told Andrew to do it.

Talk about taking orders from the top!

Now, The Demonic doesn’t really focus on this tale, but it does use an altered version of it as part of the back story. The prequel short story, Demon of Dunton Farm (due out soon, to those on my mailing list) will focus on the altered version of these events, however. At last partly.

Now, the reason for this post is that when I sent the story off to the editor, someone got in touch who had actually written a book on the Brass Farm murders. And it is someone I am pretty sure I went to school with! Small world.

The book is called Demonic County Durham, and from what I have read so far (almost finished it) it is really good! It’s not a fiction book, but goes into great detail about what actually happened, and has uncovered things I had no idea about!

So, if anyone is interesting in learning a little more about the grizzly Brass Farm murders, I can really recommend checking this book out:

Amazon US 

Amazon UK

– Lee

PS – Just wanted to note that the similarity in usage of the word Demonic, in the titles of both our books, is purely coincidental. I pinky promise on that.


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