I’ve sent out a similar message to my slowly growing mailing list, but I jut wanted to post an update to say thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of Horror in the Woods. It’s only been on sale a little over a week (it was released on the 5th May) and it has sold 51 copies and had over 15,700 page reads.

I know those numbers don’t seem like much, but for my first book, I’m really happy with them. Thrilled, in fact. On top of that, the story has been receiving really good feedback as well.

As you will see from this site, I offer a free 10K word short story for anyone who signs up to my mailing list. But, as another thank you, I’m working on another story as well for people who sign up. So, if you aren’t already, subscribe for some scary goodness!

Lastly, I want to ask – politely, of course – for people who have read Horror in the Woods to leave a review, if you would be so kind. I know this comes across as begging (but I’m not on my knees – honest!), but there is a reason. As well as helping visibility, more reviews also help me get the book onto some mailing lists, such as Bookbub and The Fussy Librarian, which is something I’m looking to do.

If not, that’s no problem, the original message of this post still stands, loud and clear, to all who have taken a chance with the book.


– Lee