With my second novel, The Demonic, all but wrapped up, I’m now looking ahead to my third outing. And I’m going to ask for a little feedback on how best to evolve it.

I wrote the first drafts of Horror in the Woods and The Demonic one after the other, so both stories – in rough form – have been completed for a while. They both hint at some kind of other world – a place of chaos and evil that touches our own existence. A place that makes hell look like a cake walk (incidentally, if you sign up to my Mailing List you will get two free short stories that also reveal a small glimpse of this hellscape as well).

So with with my next book I want to continue this idea, but hopefully show more of this world, and delve into its mythology a little farther. I have a setting and main character all set, as well as a very rough outline, but it needs a lot of fleshing out.

I would be interested to know what people want to see more of with this next book – the gore and grit of Horror in the Woods, or the spooky, creepy atmosphere I hope comes across in The Demonic? Or a mix of the two?

But to give a little more info: it will be set in an asylum, and a man is imprisoned there who, as far as he knows, shouldn’t be. And while he’s there, all hell breaks loose! Things are unleashed that will tear his mind and body apart. And, as you can guess, the facility itself is not quite what it seems.

What I like about the shared universe I’m setting up with my books is that it allows me to hit certain tropes that I like, while still keeping things interconnected. I’m hoping it gives me a really fun – and horrifying – sandbox to play in, but I would be interested to see what people want more of?

I’ll update next with the release of The Demonic, but if anyone has any suggestions of feedback for my third book, feel free to let me know!

– Lee


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