So, with Horror in the Woods and The Demonic both out and doing better than I could have expected (yay!), I’m going to start work on the paperback versions of both, which will be available through Amazon.

I know some people prefer the old fashioned feel of a book as opposed to an e-reader, so hopefully some will see value in this. I’m also going to apply the matchbook feature, so those that have already bought the Kindle version should be able to get the paperback at a discount.

Who knows, there might not be a market for it, but hell, it can’t hurt to try. Right? And once these are out I’ll also start work on an audio book too, so keep a look out for that.

And in amongst all that I’m still hard at work plotting my third novel. I don’t have a title for it yet, so will just refer to it as Asylum for now (can you guess where it’s set???).

That’s all at the minute, just a quick update today.

– Lee


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