Okay, so the third book is taking longer to progress than I’d hoped. However, given the arrival of my daughter, that is to be expected. BUT – progress is being made. I swear.

For one, I have a title.


I think it fits the story really well and I would be proud of it but… my wife came up with it in all honesty. For someone who claims not to like horror, she sure is good at coming up with ideas for it!

And the story is coming together as well. I always like to have an outline ready before I start writing, and I’m hoping to have that done in a week or two. Then the first draft should only take a month or so after that. I’m hoping for a release in November.

And to give you a little taste:

It opens with a vivid dream, well, something more than a dream. A nightmarish hellscape, filled with maddening creatures and entities far beyond our understanding. The sky is an expanse of a twisting, pulsating cosmos and, at its centre, something looking down…

Our protagonist then wakes, screaming. As the nightmarish visions fade, he is panicked. He is in a strange environment, restrained to a bed. He continues screaming, then his memory begins to seep back. He remembers where he is, and why he is here. The asylum. He came here voluntarily. The door to his cell opens, and The Director enters…

That’s all I’m going to give away so far but as you can imagine this asylum is not a normal one. Something very sinister is going on there, something that the protagonist is going to get caught up in.

All hell will break loose as unimaginable horrors and abominations are unleashed.

I’ve used Jacobs Ladder, Silent Hill and The Thing as inspirations for this one, but hopefully created something all its own.

And the audio version of Horror in the Woods is still progressing well, and we are still aiming to have it out for Halloween.

And that’s about it for this update. I was hoping to give my views on the new IT movie, as I’m really looking forward to it, but haven’t been able to see it yet. Hopefully next weekend, but we’ll see.

– Lee


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