Though I’m currently getting my new novel, The Demonic, ready for release, I’m also looking to get another free book out in the next two weeks as well.

The Hobbes Hall Diaries, my first free book, is available for people who sign up to my Mailing List, and I plan on sending out this next one via my list too. So, sign up now to make sure you get it.

I think this new book will consist of two or three short stories (running at about 10K total), and I’m considering using an old short I’ve previously written as part of this mini-anthology. Whilst this story deals with the supernatural, it isn’t a horror, so I’m in two minds about it. It has gathered some nice feedback, so it could be an option.

If all goes well, Im hoping to release free stories to my mailing list either monthly or bi-monthly, as a way of saying thank you.

So sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out!

And thats about it for today.

Will check in soon.

– Lee