Just a quick blog today, and more of a movie recommendation.

If you are a horror fan, and haven’t seen it yet, I’d really urge you to check out a film called Last Shift!

I had seen some recommendations on Reddit, but for some reason was hesitant in giving it a go. Not sure why, maybe because the original cover art didn’t do it for me. Whatever the reason, it was a mistake!

I watched the film the other week and, though it is a small film, it is fantastic. One of the best, most effective horror’s I have seen this year. The premise is simple, a rookie officer is starting her first shift, covering the last hours, on her own, of a police station that is about to close. Everything has been transferred to the shiny, new station, so it is supposed to be an easy shift – but things don’t work out that way.

Again, it’s a simple set up, but sometimes simple is best. And this film gets the atmosphere and scares just right. Also, there is a cool little backstory woven in.

It’s not perfect (the ending wasn’t as strong as the preceding film), but then again, nothing is. But, without doubt, I’d say it is definitely worth your time.

Hope you all enjoy it!

– Lee


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