Welcome to my website, mofo’s!

Its a place to call home for my books and stories (which are coming, I swear) as well as a blog which will be… well, probably a lot of random shit. Most likely news about my upcoming works, musings (everyone loves a good musing), reviews on movies or T.V. shows or video games, or anything else that tickles my fancy.

The site as its stands doesn’t look like much, I know, but it’s just a holdover until I have everything properly worked out. But feel free to check back regularly as things should improve quite quickly (that’s the hope, anyway).

I used to run the CreatingBad website / blog, but am switching it to this one as I think having my name in the website title will help when my books are out finally and ready for purchase.

Plus, I’ve gone off the name CreatingBad. I haven’t even seen Breaking Bad past season 2, so felt a bit like an imposter using a play on its name.

So, um, enjoy I guess.

And if anyone has any comments, questions or ideas, just let me know.

Unless its something snarky. In which case keep it to yourself and shove it!


– Lee