Spooky AudibleTwo little tidbits today that may be of interest to people!

Firstly, I wanted to let everyone know that both of my books – Horror in the Woods & The Demonic – are on a Kindle Countdown Deal, and are now only $0.99 in the US and £0.99 in the UK for the next week! If there is one (or both) that you don’t have, now is a good time to rectify that. You can find out more at the following links:

US Author Page

UK Author Page

Second – who wants a free audiobook??? Well, it just so happens that I have free copies of Horror in the Woods to give away. There is a teeny, tiny catch (isn’t there always), but a free audiobook is a free audiobook! All I need from you in return is the promise that you will donate your liver to me should I need it… no, wait, that’s not right. Ahhhh, that’s it – what I need in exchange is for you to agree to leave an honest review of the book on Audible. And that’s it.

I don’t normally give away review copies of books, as I like reviews to be organic, but in this case, I’ve found out that Audible actually give me free audio codes for this very reason. So I may as well use them, right?

I have 25 codes to give away for the US, and 25 for the UK. If you want to take up the offer – which is on a first-come-first-serve basis (until the codes are gone) then drop me an email on leemountford01@googlemail.com. Please include your name and what your handle on Audible will be so that I know to look out for it. I will then send you a code with instructions on how to redeem the book.

And that’s it for today – reduced ebooks and free audiobooks! Hopefully, that makes up for yesterday news that Tormented has been delayed a little.

– Lee