Spooky AudibleTwo little tidbits today that may be of interest to people!

Firstly, I wanted to let everyone know that both of my books – Horror in the Woods & The Demonic – are on a Kindle Countdown Deal, and are now only $0.99 in the US and £0.99 in the UK for the next week! If there is one (or both) that you don’t have, now is a good time to rectify that. You can find out more at the following links:

US Author Page

UK Author Page

Second – who wants a free audiobook??? Well, it just so happens that I have free copies of Horror in the Woods to give away. There is a teeny, tiny catch (isn’t there always), but a free audiobook is a free audiobook! All I need from you in return is the promise that you will donate your liver to me should I need it… no, wait, that’s not right. Ahhhh, that’s it – what I need in exchange is for you to agree to leave an honest review of the book on Audible. And that’s it.

I don’t normally give away review copies of books, as I like reviews to be organic, but in this case, I’ve found out that Audible actually give me free audio codes for this very reason. So I may as well use them, right?

I have 25 codes to give away for the US, and 25 for the UK. If you want to take up the offer – which is on a first-come-first-serve basis (until the codes are gone) then drop me an email on leemountford01@googlemail.com. Please include your name and what your handle on Audible will be so that I know to look out for it. I will then send you a code with instructions on how to redeem the book.

And that’s it for today – reduced ebooks and free audiobooks! Hopefully, that makes up for yesterday news that Tormented has been delayed a little.

– Lee



  1. Toisann Snow November 28, 2017 at 7:39 am - Reply

    I am Amazon Prime member & a Kindle Unlimited member & I thought that meant that I get the narration free. I am new to this and having trouble. I am also Audible member. I know that SOMEHOW I am supposed get narration free for some of the books, if narration is available. The KU site did not say that an audio book was available even for purchase. Your two books are available to me for free through the Amazon Prime membership. I guess that you can have only a certain amount of books at one time; unless you return some. I couldn’t find out anyway to return the books that I already have; in the length of time I had before your .99¢ deal ended. So I bought both of your books and I am really looking forward to enjoying them. I wanted to say thank you for offering the audio book for free. I hope I am not to late to pick one up. But good to know that there even is an audio book, because Kindle was not saying one was available. I would have purchased it from them if they had…..even though I think between the 3 memberships I believe I am supposed to get it without additional cost. lol…now I have to go figure out how to e mail you. I have only done replying. 🙂

    • Lee November 28, 2017 at 6:13 pm - Reply

      Hey – thanks for the comment! I have to be honest, I don’t know if the Prime and KU memberships give you a free audio or not, so won’t be much help there. As for the Prime Membership, I think you can only have one book ‘borrowed’ at any one time and need to return it before getting another. But if you are borrowing then, as both of my books are in KU, it won’t cost you anything, so you shouldn’t need to worry about current deal ending soon.

      And no, you aren’t too late to get the audio-book for free. Drop me an email on: leemountford01@googlemail.com and let me know if you are US or UK, and what your Audible username is (if you have one) so I can look out for the review.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!


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