Demonic Audiobook Coming SoonThe Demonic Audiobook Out Now!

Finally! It has been a long time coming, but the Audiobook for The Demonic is now available! If you were a fan of the written book, I can promise you that this version elevates the terror to a whole new level. Hannibal Hills has and his team have done a phenomenal job producing it. I really can’t wait for people to hear it. You can pick it up now on Audible, and it will filter through to Amazon and iTunes soon.

Get it now: 

And for those of you who requested free codes in exchange for a free review, they are coming. I’m just waiting on ACX sending them over. Once I have them, I’ll send them straight out. And if you are interested in a code for an honest review, drop me an email with your Audible username and if you are US or UK based – there are still some left.

Hope people enjoy this Audiobook as much as I do.

– Lee