Demonic AudiobookHello! I hope 2018 has been kind to everyone so far.

The Audiobook for The Demonic is now complete and submitted to ACX for approval. This means that it should be live in the next 4 – 10 days, depending on how long they take. But it’s so close now I can taste it.

And, to celebrate the release, I plan on giving away free codes to people who are willing to leave an honest review of the book on Audible. Seems like a fair deal, so those that are interested, please drop me an email:

In your email, if you could let me know if you are U.S or U.K based (as that will determine which code type to send) and also what user-handle you use (or will use) on Audible, so I can look out for the review. And if you want to drop me an email once the review is up to let me know, that would be appreciated as well.

If you email straight away, I’ll let you know I have received the email, but the review codes will only come once the book is live in a few days, so please be patient.

I’m not normally one for sending out review copies, but ACX supply me with free codes for each book, so they might as well be used, right?

I really hope everyone enjoys it. Hannibal Hills, the producer, has done some phenomenal work with it. Wait until you hear the ghosts!

Have a great day, my friends!

– Lee