Okay, for anyone reading this website so far (and the statistics page tells me you are out there, somewhere!) – the previous plan on book releases has changed.


Instead of releasing two books together (Horror in the Woods & The Demonic), I’m instead going to stagger them. Both are close to being finished – HitW is all but ready to go to an editor, and The Demonic just needs another pass – but I’ve looked into it and think it might be more prudent to have two quick releases and let the second build on however successful the first is.

It might be a mistake but, hey, you gotta try these things. Right?

So, I’m going to release Horror in the Woods first, hopefully the back end of April, if not before, and then look to get The Demonic out within a month or two after that. And hopefully keep the releases consistent thereafter. The third book is in the plotting stage and is set in an Asylum of sorts in Indonesia, but I don’t want to say too much more yet. Only that it will likely be very bloody and, hopefully, scary.

I’ve almost finished a short story too (which will be 10K words or so), called the Hobbs Hall Diaries. This will be given away for free to people who sign up to my mailing list, which is in the process of being set up too – so look out for that, and be sure to sign up if you’re interested.

And thats all there is to say so far. Hopefully, when I have the releases sorted, I can spend a bit more time on the website and make it a bit better, but right now I’m focusing on the writing.