The second short story in my upcoming free book is taking shape, so I thought I would post the first chapter (unedited) to whet peoples appetites a little. This story deals with Mary Hobbes, and what happened to her, where as the first focused on a horrible act that occurred many years before. Hopefully you will enjoy it and it will intrigue you enough to sign up for my Mailing List to make sure you don’t miss out. Mary was tired. She had been walking all evening, desperate to put as much distance as she could between her and him. The late afternoon sky, that had burned a deep red, had given way to the night, and stars now pinpricked the black sky. She was bruised and sore, still aching from the latest attack from her drunken husband. Robert had come home, full of booze, and dragged Mary to their small
Just a quick update to say that the first of the two stories in my upcoming free book – Demon of Dunton Farm – is done! This first story chronicles some brutal murders that take place on the farm in 1682, and it is based on real life events that happened in my home town of Ferryhill (the farm was actually known as Brass Farm). The book, in total, is easily going to be over 10K, with each story being a little over 5K (so far). I’m really happy with how the first part has turned out. Even though it deals with some pretty grisly killings, the story (or rather, the ending), was still more gruesome than I’d originally envisioned. But, hey, it is a horror story, after all. And it should be ready in a week or two. Make sure you don’t miss out on the story, and the previous
Thought this might wet the appetite for those looking forward to the new free book I have coming up. It is the first draft of Chapter 1. This short book, currently called The Demon of Dunton Farm, which chronicles two events at the farm, will server as a bit of a prequel to The Demonic, my upcoming novel. Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list to make sure you get this book. And  you’ll also get my other free story: The Hobbes Hall Diaries. Ellie heard the axe cut heavily into the wood as she approached Thomas. The older boy, large and broad, was chopping to make kindling for her father. Being a farm-hand, it was one of the boy’s many tasks. She noted the look of concentration on his face, and his cotton shirt had grown damp with sweat. Still, he did not

May 20, 2017

Free Story Update

Second update for today! Last week I mentioned that I was putting together another free book for my mailing list, and was throwing around some ideas on what it would be exactly. Well, I’ve finally settled on an idea! (Feel free to cheer!) The book will consist of two short stories, and both will serve as a prequel for my upcoming novel; The Demonic. It will basically detail the sinister history of the house, and land, that The Demonic centres on, and give a taste of what is to come. Hopefully it will offer up some chills and scares, and leave people excited for the new book. And thats the plan. Should be done in a couple of weeks as I’ve plotted the whole thing out, and I can email it out to the mailing list. Make sure you sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out (and
Just to let everyone know that I have finished my read-through of Horror in the Woods, and have updated the file on Amazon. It’s the same story, but there were a few sloppy typo’s and grammatical errors that I should have picked up on, and wasn’t happy with – so they have now been corrected. So make sure to update your version to this corrected file! They were first picked up by a helpful review on Amazon, and it was a lesson to me to make sure I give a final look through after all edits have been incorporated into a manuscript. A lesson well and truly learned. Apologies if this hindered anyone’s enjoyment of the book. I’m going to make sure all future releases are much cleaner. And I’ll be posting another update later today regarding the next free book I have lined up as well. – Lee

May 17, 2017

Always and Forever

A few days ago, I made a post mentioning I was considering using an old short story in an upcoming free mini-anthology. However, thinking about it, the story would be so tonally different that I don’t think it would work. So, in that case, I thought I’d post the story here, for people to read and see what they think. It is vastly different that Horror in the Woods, or my upcoming book The Demonic, but it is one I quite like. More melancholy and sad than scary. So here is, Always and Forever. The house was always scary at night time. Mum said that monsters and ghosts were all in my imagination, and that there was nothing in the shadows. I would nod and agree with her, maybe believe her in the day time, but in our house it was different at night. Cracks of light from the streetlights

May 15, 2017

Thank You!

I’ve sent out a similar message to my slowly growing mailing list, but I jut wanted to post an update to say thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of Horror in the Woods. It’s only been on sale a little over a week (it was released on the 5th May) and it has sold 51 copies and had over 15,700 page reads. I know those numbers don’t seem like much, but for my first book, I’m really happy with them. Thrilled, in fact. On top of that, the story has been receiving really good feedback as well. As you will see from this site, I offer a free 10K word short story for anyone who signs up to my mailing list. But, as another thank you, I’m working on another story as well for people who sign up. So, if you aren’t already, subscribe for some scary
Just a quick blog today – I’m currently running another read-through of Horror in the Woods to pick up any last spelling or grammatical errors. A recent review on Amazon highlighted that quite a few had slipped through the net (something I need to learn from), so it will be updated a few times this week to correct as many as I can see. So, if you do have the book, make sure you update your version this week to get the corrected copy. Once I iron out all the wrinkles, I’m going to start looking at paperback (via Createspace or similar) and an audiobook formats. Hope these mistakes didn’t ruin the experience too much for everyone! – Lee
Though I’m currently getting my new novel, The Demonic, ready for release, I’m also looking to get another free book out in the next two weeks as well. The Hobbes Hall Diaries, my first free book, is available for people who sign up to my Mailing List, and I plan on sending out this next one via my list too. So, sign up now to make sure you get it. I think this new book will consist of two or three short stories (running at about 10K total), and I’m considering using an old short I’ve previously written as part of this mini-anthology. Whilst this story deals with the supernatural, it isn’t a horror, so I’m in two minds about it. It has gathered some nice feedback, so it could be an option. If all goes well, Im hoping to release free stories to my mailing list either monthly or
I’ve just come back from a weeks holiday (had soon much fun!), and wanted to post a quick note about the inspiration for my next book, The Demonic. Whilst the story is original, some of the back story revealed is based on real life events that happened in my home town. In 1682, there was a farm know was Brass Farm (after the Brass family, who owned it). One evening, the parents went to a neighbours (in those days, neighbours tended to be miles away) for the evening, leaving their three children – the oldest, a boy, and two younger sisters – at home. There was a farm-hand who worked there; Andrew Mills, who was seen as a little slow, but harmless. But on this night, the town of Ferryhill was to see a different side to Andrew. The parents returned home in the early hours the morning, to find

May 7, 2017

The Demonic

So, after the release of my first book, Horror in the Woods (are you tired of hearing about that yet?), I just wanted to say I’m hard at work on my next one – The Demonic. Where as HitW was more Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Demonic will be along the lines of The Conjuring and Insidious and that kind of thing. It’s a haunted house story, but based on something that actually happened in my home town many years ago. So I’m hoping that puts an interesting spin on things. And while there will be violence and gore (obviously), I’m aiming to unsettle the reader with its creepy atmosphere and provide more scares this time around. Also, for those that have read both HitW and my Free Story, The Hobbes Hall Diaries, you may have picked up that they share the same universe. I’m going to continue this with The
It’s done! Boom! My first novel, Horror in the Woods, is now available for Pre-Order! It will be released on Friday the 05th May, so why not order your copy early? Also, if getting a rip-roaring horror story at a good price wasn’t reason enough to buy now, then how about… erm… um… seeing me beg? No. No, I won’t do that. Yet. But you can find it at Amazon: Amazon US Amazon UK – Lee
Eek! My first novel, Horror in the Woods, is close to being released. I have it listed on Pre-Order with Amazon (under review at time of writing) to be released this Friday. As soon as it ix live I will update the site again. So excited, and very f*cking nervous. But, how about stuff you can read straight away? You may have seen a new page in the menu called Free Book! That’s exactly what it is. Sign up to my mailing list and get a free story as a thank you. In case you are to lazy to move your cursor all the way up the top of the screen, just… CLICK HERE

March 24, 2017

Change of Plan!

Okay, for anyone reading this website so far (and the statistics page tells me you are out there, somewhere!) – the previous plan on book releases has changed. Slightly. Instead of releasing two books together (Horror in the Woods & The Demonic), I’m instead going to stagger them. Both are close to being finished – HitW is all but ready to go to an editor, and The Demonic just needs another pass – but I’ve looked into it and think it might be more prudent to have two quick releases and let the second build on however successful the first is. It might be a mistake but, hey, you gotta try these things. Right? So, I’m going to release Horror in the Woods first, hopefully the back end of April, if not before, and then look to get The Demonic out within a month or two after that. And hopefully

February 5, 2017


So, as you can probably see, I’m playing around with the site at the minute and trying to get it updated to my liking. I’ll probably be playing around with it even more in the near future as well, so if it seems to change every time you land here, thats why. Also, you will see an About Me page has been added as well. This will get updated as needed, but for now it lays out my plan of attack for the near future. Now that its out there I kind of have to stick to the timeframes I’ve laid out, so its acting as something of a motivator. Lastly, I’ve changed the title of one of the two books I’m hoping to have out by May (see the About Me page for more info). The first one, Horror in the Woods, stays the same and is in the editing

September 17, 2016


Hello! Welcome to my website, mofo’s! Its a place to call home for my books and stories (which are coming, I swear) as well as a blog which will be… well, probably a lot of random shit. Most likely news about my upcoming works, musings (everyone loves a good musing), reviews on movies or T.V. shows or video games, or anything else that tickles my fancy. The site as its stands doesn’t look like much, I know, but it’s just a holdover until I have everything properly worked out. But feel free to check back regularly as things should improve quite quickly (that’s the hope, anyway). I used to run the CreatingBad website / blog, but am switching it to this one as I think having my name in the website title will help when my books are out finally and ready for purchase. Plus, I’ve gone off the name CreatingBad.