Tormented Chapter One

September 24, 2017

Tormented – Chapter 1

As a little taster, I wanted to share the first draft of the first chapter for my upcoming book – Tormented! Any or all of this could be subject to change, of course, but this is what I have so far. Hopefully, it is enough to pique peoples interest: Chapter 1 The man looked down to the familiar form of his loved one below him as it begged for its life to be spared. ‘Please,’ the dying person said, ‘don’t. Not like this.’ But the man wasn’t listening. Nothing was going to stop what was about to happen. Because it had already happened. The act of taking the life was every bit as difficult and soul destroying as he remembered it to be; the continued pleading and the weak resistance—which was easily overcome as the last hold of life slipped away from the now still body. The room, lit only
By Lee Mountford

September 18, 2017

Next Book Progressing…

Okay, so the third book is taking longer to progress than I’d hoped. However, given the arrival of my daughter, that is to be expected. BUT – progress is being made. I swear. For one, I have a title. Tormented. I think it fits the story really well and I would be proud of it but… my wife came up with it in all honesty. For someone who claims not to like horror, she sure is good at coming up with ideas for it! And the story is coming together as well. I always like to have an outline ready before I start writing, and I’m hoping to have that done in a week or two. Then the first draft should only take a month or so after that. I’m hoping for a release in November. And to give you a little taste: It opens with a vivid dream, well,
Demonic Five Stars
Just wanted to throw a quick post up today as The Demonic has been reviewed by the awesome people at Horror After Dark ( and has received a glowing write up! You can check out the review here! I’m thrilled at how well The Demonic is being received, as I was with Horror in the Woods, and hope I can keep churning out books that people like. I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but I can damn well try! I would also recommend people have a look at some of the other books reviewed on Horror After Dark, as there are some fantastic works on there that are well worth you time. Lastly, I’m not sure if people know, but the founder of Horror Novel Reviews, Matt Molgaard, has unfortunately passed away after suffering from a stroke. I had some brief discussions with
Demonic Number One

August 26, 2017

Demonic is a Bestseller!

Just wanted to throw out a massive thank you to everyone that has supported The Demonic. It has just hit the No 1 slot in British Horror Authors on the Kindle Store, and is now officially a ‘Best Seller’! Woop woop! So, again, thank you to everyone who took a chance on the book and has left positive feedback. I’m thrilled people are enjoying it. Also, just wanted to mention that I know some people are having trouble signing up to my Mailing List. If so, please drop me an email at: and I will get you added manually, and make sure the free stories are sent over. And lastly, still on cloud 9 about recently becoming a dad. My baby daughter Ella is absolutely perfect and, as you would expect, is taking up most of my time. The writing will continue soon, but I’m obviously taking a
Lee Mountford Books
Okay, pretty big update today! First of all, both of my books (Horror in the Woods and The Demonic) are now on a Kindle Countdown Deal, so you can grab both for 99c / 99p – so pick em up now! But also, if you prefer holding print copies of books in your grubby little hands, I have more good news! Print copies of both books are also available as well! Go to my author page and then follow the link to the books you want, both versions are available:{8f61c4fd0efda8f250d8caa5ee0bc25fb11249aaac5f3c057c3b9464f4eb1cab}20Mountford&searchAlias=digital-text&asin=B0716HDW6C{8f61c4fd0efda8f250d8caa5ee0bc25fb11249aaac5f3c057c3b9464f4eb1cab}20Mountford&searchAlias=digital-text&asin=B0716HDW6C What else? Oh yeah, the Horror in the Woods audio version is now being produced by the fantastic Han Hills (and he also has the coolest first name ever!): Also, I think people might have trouble signing up to my mailing list. Not sure what’s happening there, but if you are please drop me a line on
Lee Mountford Books

August 15, 2017

Print Books & Update

Just a quick update to say that the print versions of both of my books are incoming! They have been approved by Createspace (the site that produces them) and will be available on Amazon in 3-5 days. I’ll post another update when they finally go live, but looking forward to seeing both Horror in the Woods (freshly re-edited) and The Demonic in physical form, to hold in my grubby little hands. In addition, both stories are also in the process of being turned into Audio books, so hopefully that shouldn’t be too much longer either. In between all that and the day job, I’m also plotting my third novel, which will be set in an asylum and expand on the shared universe my books inhabit. If Horror in the Woods was my ode to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Demonic was The Conjuring, then this next book will be my
Horror Reviews
Following their review of my most recent book, The Demonic, the people over at Horror Novel Reviews kindly got in touch regarding an interview. Of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes, and that interview is now live on their website: Interview: Lee Mountford – Author of The Demonic Be sure to check it out, and I hope it is interesting! – Lee

August 4, 2017

Review for The Demonic

Just wanted to share this, as I’m pretty pleased to say the least. I submitted my book for review at an awesome website, Horror Novel Reviews, and it has just gone live! Click here to read the review. Boom! A horror tour-de-force, no less 🙂 Also just wanted to say that the print version of both The Demonic and Horror in the Woods will be going live soon, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. And Horror in the Woods has just been through another edit ready for this, to clean it up. The audio for both books should both follow soon after that as well. And thats pretty much it for today – just wanted to share the review. – Lee

July 27, 2017


So, with Horror in the Woods and The Demonic both out and doing better than I could have expected (yay!), I’m going to start work on the paperback versions of both, which will be available through Amazon. I know some people prefer the old fashioned feel of a book as opposed to an e-reader, so hopefully some will see value in this. I’m also going to apply the matchbook feature, so those that have already bought the Kindle version should be able to get the paperback at a discount. Who knows, there might not be a market for it, but hell, it can’t hurt to try. Right? And once these are out I’ll also start work on an audio book too, so keep a look out for that. And in amongst all that I’m still hard at work plotting my third novel. I don’t have a title for it yet,
Exciting news! My second novel – The Demonic – is out now on Amazon! If you’ve been following my blog you will have seen me post about it, but it’s finally out, and I really hope everyone enjoys it. Where as Horror in the Woods was an ode to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and stories of that ilk, The Demonic is more of a ghost story in the vein of The Conjuring and Insidious (and, if you have seen it, Ghostwatch). Hopefully it will get under your skin and have you checking under the bed! There are also a couple of short stories in there from two talented authors – Normal Turrell and Raven Backwood – which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Check it out The Demonic and let me know what you think. Amazon US Amazon UK

July 20, 2017

Shared Universe

With my second novel, The Demonic, all but wrapped up, I’m now looking ahead to my third outing. And I’m going to ask for a little feedback on how best to evolve it. I wrote the first drafts of Horror in the Woods and The Demonic one after the other, so both stories – in rough form – have been completed for a while. They both hint at some kind of other world – a place of chaos and evil that touches our own existence. A place that makes hell look like a cake walk (incidentally, if you sign up to my Mailing List you will get two free short stories that also reveal a small glimpse of this hellscape as well). So with with my next book I want to continue this idea, but hopefully show more of this world, and delve into its mythology a little farther. I have a

July 16, 2017

New Free Short Story

Well, that took longer than expected! But my second free short story – The Demon of Dunton Farm – is now ready and has been emailed out to my Mailing List.  So, if you haven’t already signed up to the list – what are you waiting for? There are two 10K word short stories just waiting for you. Click here to sign up. Incidentally, if you are on the list and haven’t yet received it, give it a day or so then drop me a line. The Demon of Dunton Farm acts as a prequel to my upcoming novel, The Demonic, and that book is also due out soon (so very soon!). It’s just with my editor for a second pass, to try to avoid the grammatical errors that hindered Horror in the Woods. So I’m aiming for a release either this week or next week. Incidentally, HITW will also
So, the cover for my new book – The Demonic – is finally ready. And I have to say, I’m really pleased with it! I think (hope!) it sells the tone and mood of the book. No more to say really, other than – check this out: – Lee

July 3, 2017


Just wanted to post a little recommendation today, for a new book that has been released. It’s the third in a post-apocalyptical trilogy, and is called Extinction. It’s written by Iain Rob Wright, an author who has been knocking out quality horror novels for years now. I’ve read many of them, and they all rock! As I say, Extinction is the third in a series that started with The Gates, then continued with Legion – both of which are excellent, so I can’t wait to see what happens next. Iain is also a bit of gent, who has helped me no end with my own writing. So, super nice guy and also a hell of a horror writer – why wouldn’t you want to check out his stuff? You can find out more about him at And you can find Extinction here: Amazon US Amazon UK – Lee

June 30, 2017

The Brass Farm Murders

So, it isn’t too much of a spoiler to say that I took a little real-life inspiration for my new book, The Demonic. In fact, I’ve blogged about it before. In the town where I grew up (a little place in the North East of England called Ferryhill), a gruesome set of murders took place. These murders are still the thing of legend in the town today. It involved a young farm hand, Andrew Mills, killing the three children of his master (John Brass, owner of Brass farm). And, well, he didn’t just kill them – he went crazy with an axe! And, he said, the Devil himself told Andrew to do it. Talk about taking orders from the top! Now, The Demonic doesn’t really focus on this tale, but it does use an altered version of it as part of the back story. The prequel short story, Demon of

June 29, 2017

Another Update

Okay, apologies for the lack of updates on my blog – but there is a good reason for it! First, The Demonic has come back from the editor, so I have been working through the revisions. In addition, I’ve also been getting my short story, Demon of Dunton Farm (prequel to The Demonic), finished off, and am nearly done with it. So, things are progressing well, and I’m devoting my time and effort in getting The Demonic ready for release, which is looking likely to be mid-July. I’ll probably have it at 0.99 cents / pence for the first week or so, as an introductory offer, before putting it up to $2.99 / £2.99. And the short story (prequel to The Demonic), will be released a couple of weeks prior to this. I’m really excited to see what people make of this latest book. The editor said it genuinely creeped him
So, my next book, The Demonic, has just gone off to the editor! Woop, woop! I’m hoping that it will be released in around a months time, though I can’t give an exact date as yet. But it’s getting close, and I’m really excited to see what people think of it. For this one, I’ve gone more for scares, and to get under your skin, than the out-and-out gore and violence of Horror in the Woods. But, well, let’s just say that the gore and violence do make an appearance. I just couldn’t help myself! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, to be honest… Also, if anyone is considering signing up for my Mailing List, now is a good time. I’m finishing up my second Free Story, that will be going out to the list in a couple of weeks, and will act as a prequel to

June 5, 2017

Last Shift

Just a quick blog today, and more of a movie recommendation. If you are a horror fan, and haven’t seen it yet, I’d really urge you to check out a film called Last Shift! I had seen some recommendations on Reddit, but for some reason was hesitant in giving it a go. Not sure why, maybe because the original cover art didn’t do it for me. Whatever the reason, it was a mistake! I watched the film the other week and, though it is a small film, it is fantastic. One of the best, most effective horror’s I have seen this year. The premise is simple, a rookie officer is starting her first shift, covering the last hours, on her own, of a police station that is about to close. Everything has been transferred to the shiny, new station, so it is supposed to be an easy shift – but
Hi all – first, an apology. I haven’t been keeping the updates to this site going as regularly as I should have. But, there is a reason for that: I’ve been working hard to get my follow up novel, The Demonic, and my next free story, Demon of Dunton Farm (a prequel to The Demonic), ready for release. The Demonic is coming on well, and will be going off to an editor the week after next. Hopefully, this will allow me to get the book out early July, if things go well. And the first draft of my next free story, Demon of Dunton Farm, is progressing nicely as well. The first draft is almost done, so I plan on getting it revised and finished whilst The Demonic is out for editing, and released thereafter. I did hope to have the free story ready before now, but in hind-sight, that
Guess what? Horror in the Woods has just started on a Kindle Countdown deal – so there is no better time to pick it up! The price won’t last long, before going up to $1.99 / £1.99, then, after that, back to full price. So, if you are undecided the book, now is the prefect time to try it! – Lee