Audiobooks By Lee Mountford

Haunted: Purgatory - Audiobook

Haunted: Purgatory (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Haunted: Purgatory:

The dead are suffering.

Picking up immediately after the shocking climax of Haunted: Perron Manor, a paranormal research team is hired to help gather evidence and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Perron Manor is haunted.

The owner of the house needs the Church to sanction an exorcism. It is the only way to free the souls of the dead who are trapped there and suffering in eternal torment.

But the Church will not act without proof.

However, the team soon discover that they are ill-equipped to handle the notorious house, or what it really is.

Truths emerge that impact not only their fight for survival, but the very world around them.

Can the team survive long enough to free the dead from Perron Manor, or will their souls be forfeit as well?

Haunted: Devil's Door - Audiobook

Haunted: Devil’s Door (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

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The massacre of 1982 told in full.

Halloween night, 1982. Many people were brutally killed or simply vanished at the Blackwater Hotel – formerly Perron Manor. The events of that night have always remained a mystery.

Until now…

Ray and Rita Pearson, along with their daughter Chloe, move into the hotel to help with its renovation and grand opening. All under the watchful eye of the mysterious owner Marcus Blackwater.

But as they move closer to the opening date, things begin to happen in the hotel that are unexplainable. And Rita herself begins to change

Unbeknownst to the family, there are other plans in place, and Marcus Blackwater has his own agenda – one started by his grandfather many years ago

The story culminates in a horrific turn of events that changes everything you think you know about the house…and its inhabitants.

Haunted: Perron Manor - Audiobook

Haunted: Perron Manor (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Haunted: Perron Manor:

Perron Manor – a place evil calls home.

Sisters Sarah and Chloe inherit a house they could never have previously dreamed of owning. It seems too good to be true. Shortly after they move in, however, the siblings start to notice strange things: horrible smells, sudden drops in temperature as well as unexplainable sounds and feelings of being watched. All of that is compounded when they find a study upstairs, filled with occult items and a strange book written in Latin.

Their experiences grow more frequent and more terrifying, building toward a heart-stopping climax when the sisters come face to face with the evil behind Perron Manor. Will they survive and save their very souls?

Inside Perron Manor - Audiobook

Inside: Perron Manor (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Inside: Perron Manor:

Welcome to Perron Manor, Britain’s most haunted house.

In 2014, a group of paranormal researchers conducted a weekend-long investigation at the notorious Perron Manor. The events that took place during that weekend were incredible and terrifying in equal measure. This is the full documented story.

In addition, the author dives into the long and bloody history of the house, starting with its origins as a monastery back in the 1200s, covering its ownership under the Grey and Perron families, and even detailing the horrific events that took place on Halloween in 1982.

No stone is left unturned in what is now the definitive work regarding the most haunted house in Britain.

This is a work of fiction and is intended as an introduction to the Haunted series, which continues with Haunted: Perron Manor.

The Nightmare Collection - Audiobook

The Nightmare Collection: Volume 1 (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Nightmare Collection:

From best-selling horror author Lee Mountford comes a terrifying short story collection that is certain to chill the blood.

An abandoned hospital that isn’t as empty as it first seems.

Two police officers pay a visit to an old industrial unit…and walk right into hell.

A mysterious box that brings with it a terrible secret.

A strange farm with an insidious past.

A young boy who is sure his house is haunted.

A husband returns home after a trip away…and brings with him an entity that wants to claim his family’s souls.

An ancient forest that hides a dark presence.

These short stories are guaranteed to have you sleeping with the light on. Dive into the perfect entry point to Lee Mountford’s dark and twisted universe.

Buy now…because who doesn’t love to be terrified?

The Extreme Horror Collection - Audiobook

The Extreme Horror Collection (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Extreme Horror Collection:

Three stomach-churning horror novels in one volume from master of horror, Lee Mountford.

Horror in the Woods – A group of friends are lost and hunted in the woods, pursued by a family of cannibals who are hungry for human flesh.

Tormented – Insidious experiments are taking place at Arlington Asylum, and the helpless inmates are the test subjects.

The Netherwell Horror – Looking for her brother after a troubling message, a journalist ends up in the strange fishing town of Netherwell Bay. There, she uncovers a plot by a sinister cult to bring about the end of days.

Buy The Extreme Horror Collection now, and strap in for three sickening tales that push the boundaries of horror.

The Supernatural Horror Collection - Audiobook

The Supernatural Horror Collection (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Supernatural Horror Collection:

Three terrifying novels in one collection from master of horror, Lee Mountford. The Demonic, The Mark, and Forest of the Damned are now all available in one horrifying volume.

The Demonic: A woman returns to her childhood home to lay to rest the ghosts of the past. But in this house, the ghosts are real, and evil has found a home.

The Mark: A satanic cult. A woman’s brutal assault. Can one woman face her darkest fears before a demonic entity is unleashed from the depths of hell?

Forest of the Damned: A group of paranormal researchers investigate the infamous Black Forest, hoping to find proof of the afterlife and learn more of the infamous Mother Sibbett. But what they find is far beyond even their worst nightmares.

Listen to The Supernatural Horror Collection now, and strap in for three terrifying tales of ghosts, demons, death, and fear.

“The Demonic, by author Lee Mountford, is a horror tour de force…. It is scary. Truly scary.” ( on The Demonic)

“There’s a slow build-up of dread, as he builds the characters and atmosphere, and slowly unwinds the story. At times, he dangles you over the edge for a few moments before he plunges you over the edge. And this is where his storytelling is a cut above many of his peers.” ( on The Mark)

“I find that it’s often the details we least expect that elevate a novel’s status in our mind, and keep it there longer. A great testament to Mountford’s skill as a writer, is that I can still vividly ‘see’ many of the scenes in my mind, several books afterward. Highly recommended.” ( on Forest of the Damned)

The Netherwell Horror - Audiobook

The Netherwell Horror (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Netherwell Horror:

All towns have secrets. But none like Netherwell Bay….

“Sis, I’m in trouble. Real trouble. And I need help.”

After receiving a worrying message from her estranged brother, Beth Davis sets out to find and help him, ending up in the strange, coastal town of Netherwell Bay.

There, she begins to witness terrifying and unexplainable things, and reports of ritualistic murders have the town panicked.

A sinister cult soon makes its presence known, and the dark history of Netherwell Bay is unveiled. Beth then finds herself in a race against time to stop a doorway to Hell from opening…permanently.

The Netherwell Horror is a Lovecraftian mystery that quickly descends into madness, sickening violence, and chaos. Fans of Silent Hill will love this nightmarish tale, but those of a squeamish disposition need not apply….

Forest of the Damned - Audiobook

Forest of the Damned (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Forest of the Damned:

“Terrifying in all the right places, without all the cliches and campiness of some horror stories. Highly recommend this book to horror fans.”
“I loved Hannibal Hills narration, he’s not at all over the top, like some horror narrators, but is great at building up the tension. I’m one of those people who can’t get enough of scary movies and ghost stories so if you relate to that you will definitely enjoy this supernatural horror. It’s just the right kind of disturbing-creepiness.”

The black forest. A place of legend and folklore. A place where the souls of the dead never rest.

A group of paranormal researchers head to the isolated forest with the hopes of capturing something that has evaded them their whole careers: proof of life after death.

The forest soon promises to deliver an investigation beyond what they could have ever hoped for. But things take a turn for the sinister when one of the group disappears in the dead of the night.

Ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, and demonic things lurking in the darkness turn the adventure into a living nightmare. Will any of them escape with their lives, or will they all pay for not taking heed of the local legend?

And at the heart of it all, the evil Mother Sibbett waits, ready to show them what the afterlife really holds.

A supernatural horror novel that will resonate with fans of The Blair Witch Project and The Ritual. After listening to this terrifying story, you will never go down to the woods again….

The Mark - Audiobook

The Mark (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Mark:

“Mr. Mountford is great at adding in extras to bump a calming heart rate! The narrator, Hannibal Hills is amazing!!”
“This delivers thrills until the end and wow was that a great ending.”
“This has to be the best book that I have listened to all year! I was completely hooked from the very first chapter. There were some very intense and scary parts where I felt my hair go up on the back of my neck. If you are looking to be scared then absolutely listen with the lights out!”

A Satanic cult. A woman’s brutal assault. Can she face her darkest fear before a demon is unleashed from hell? 

Kirsty Thompson is no stranger to trauma. But when a vicious attack leaves her drugged and disoriented, she never expected to wake up to a permanent scar. She starts having demonic visions, all linked to the ancient symbol carved deep into her back….

With the help of her best friend, Amanda, Kirsty discovers the mark originates from the Devil’s Bible and forges a connection between her and a terrifying creature. As they track the man who assaulted her to a satanic cult, the beast hunts them from the shadows. Can Kirsty escape the devil worshipers and her bond with the heinous creature to save herself from eternal damnation?

The Mark is a terrifying stand-alone horror novel. If you like mysterious depraved forces, tales of the occult, and stories that will have you looking under the bed, then you’ll love Lee Mountford’s gripping tale!

Buy The Mark to confront your darkest fears today!

Tormented - Audiobook

Tormented (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Tormented:


Adrian James is running from his past with nothing left to live for. At rock bottom, with a blade to his wrist, a mysterious stranger intervenes and offers him a chance at salvation.

Adrian accepts, and he enters Arlington Asylum of his own free will. Once inside, however, he soon learns that he will never escape. And worse, there are strange experiments taking place here, and a secretive medicine is being administered, one that causes certain… changes… in the patients.

The insidious secrets within the halls of Arlington Asylum are slowly revealed, and it is beyond anything Adrian could have possibly imagined. A literal hell is unleashed as impossible and terrifying creatures indulge their sadistic desires.

Adrian and his friends must escape this nightmarish place and warn the outside world before it’s too late, but they must face down the demons of hell to do so.

TORMENTED is a gruesome and violent horror story, influenced by such greats as John Carpenter’s THE THING, Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, and Jeremy Gillespie’s THE VOID.

Do you dare enter the Asylum?

The Demonic - Audiobook

The Demonic (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from The Demonic:

DANNI MORGAN THOUGHT SHE KNEW FEAR, BUT SHE IS ABOUT TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS TO BE TRULY AFRAID. Years ago a young girl ran away from her childhood home and vowed never to go back. It was a place of fear, pain and misery at the hands of an abusive father.

But now her father is dead, and she is forced to break that vow and return home—to lay his body to rest and face up to the ghosts of her past. However, Danni is about to learn that some ghosts are more real than others. Something beyond her understanding waits for her there, lurking in the shadows. An evil that intends to kill her family and claim her very soul.

Experience supernatural horror in the vein of THE CONJURING, INSIDIOUS and the legendary GHOSTWATCH. THE DEMONIC will get under your skin, send chills down your spine and have you sleeping with the lights on!

The Demonic - Audiobook

Horror In The Woods (Audiobook)

Written by Lee Mountford, Narrated by Hannibal Hills

Listen to this sample from Horror In The Woods:

Finding that desecrated body was only the beginning….

For Ashley and her three friends, it was supposed to be an adventure-filled weekend. A chance to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life and experience the peaceful tranquility of nature.

But when they ventured into those woods, their trip turned into a horror far beyond what they could have ever imagined.

Because these four friends have wandered into the territory of the violent, grotesque Webb family. A group of psychopaths who have a taste for human meat. And they are hungry!

Ashley and her friends must face this evil head on, and, worse, discover the shocking secret behind the family’s existence….

In the vein of The Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Wrong TurnHorror in the Woods will leave you exhausted and drained. A brutal, violent tale that hurtles along at break-neck pace – one that horror fans should not miss!