Okay, apologies for the lack of updates on my blog – but there is a good reason for it!

First, The Demonic has come back from the editor, so I have been working through the revisions. In addition, I’ve also been getting my short story, Demon of Dunton Farm (prequel to The Demonic), finished off, and am nearly done with it.

So, things are progressing well, and I’m devoting my time and effort in getting The Demonic ready for release, which is looking likely to be mid-July. I’ll probably have it at 0.99 cents / pence for the first week or so, as an introductory offer, before putting it up to $2.99 / £2.99.

And the short story (prequel to The Demonic), will be released a couple of weeks prior to this.

I’m really excited to see what people make of this latest book. The editor said it genuinely creeped him out, which was nice to hear, so I’m hoping it meets expectations.

I’ll try to make sure I post more regular updates here as well.

– Lee


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