About Me

I’m currently working on my third novel, following the release of my first two in May and July of 2017.

All three are horror stories, which my preferred genre.

My first novel is called Horror in the Woods and – spoiler alert – is about some horrible things that happen in the woods! Think the title nails the feel there! It has a Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Evil Dead / Wrong Turn type vibe, and is the more gore splattered and gruesome of my first two books.

My second book is called The Demonic and is a haunted house story. With this I’m aiming to deliver creepy atmosphere and chilling scares, and it has more of a Conjuring / Insidious / Ghostwatch feel to it than my first book. It’s also based on a local legend of my home town!

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And I’m also working on my third novel, which will be set in an insane asylum. And – as it’s a horror story – the place has some pretty sinister intentions. This will add more meat to the bones of the shared universe I am creating with my novels, and all hell will break loose!

Other than reading and writing, I enjoy movies and video games, and just generally spending time with my amazing wife, Michelle. We are expecting our first child soon, who we cannot wait to meet 🙂

– Lee